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General Information

The European Model of Sport  is a custom designed program that takes students on a seminar through Europe in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Students will have a unique firsthand experience in International sports. Our world-class faculty with members from respected and diverse organizations in sports provides the students with the latest academic knowledge.

The courses are designed to introduce students to the European Model of Sport and to provide students with an understanding of the changing context for sport in a global society.

Students will attend lectures from European sport executives, conduct workshops, participate in organized class discussions, and visit sport facilities and events. Our high impact learning experience broadens not only the view of students in sports.
During the seminar we will not only address the European culture and heritage but also the multicultural aspect of Europe. Letting the students grow their academic knowledge side by side with their personal development.

The Seminar

The seminar covers three or more countries of your choice. Visiting the different countries is a key element of the multicultural experience. Every route you visit will give you a unique experience. Whether you choose the Anglo-French route and visit the rough Gaelic sports in Ireland, the Olympic park in London and the Roland Garros in France. Or choose the more vibrant and warm south of Europe and visit events and venues like FC Barcelona, the Monte Carlo Country Club in Monaco and AC Milan.

Together with our knowledgeable advisors you can decide what countries to include.

The only side note is: one country has to be adjacent to the next, a sea or canal is no problem.Since 1998 we have visited over 50 cities across 15+ countries in Europe. With hundreds of different lectures and venues we will fit your bill.

Academic Quality

The European Model of Sport  provides high quality academic lectures. Our lecturers are leading in the industry, the executive board member of the FIFA or a representative from the IOC could be your next lecturer. Our wide network of partners includes representatives of the International Court of Arbitration in Sports (ICAS), the European Union, several National Olympic Committees, major soccer clubs, national training facilities, national sport associations and many more.

Topics will include the structure and characteristics of European sports, marketing and management in European sports, sports law and the fight against doping. An important feature of our seminar is the combination of place and context, therefore most of the topics will be covered at the sport venue or institute of the lecturer, resulting in an extraordinary learning experience.


Travelling with Lancon Study Abroad means you only have to worry about one thing: what restaurant to pick for dinner. From the moment you start the seminar until the moment you go back home, everything is arranged. All our seminars are led by a private guide who understands your needs. Time schedules, appointments, tickets for the games and the official group dinner; your guide takes care of it. The transportation is by private coach, safe, fast and punctual. Accommodation is based on twin rooms in 3*-hotels.


Lancon Study Abroad understands and meets the needs of differing curricula in partner institutions. Some institutions choose to integrate the European Model of Sport Program into their degree program as a requirement. Others offer the Program as 4-6 credit-hours of professional or general electives. Also, many courses are delivered in a hybrid format using the International Study Seminar as a “living laboratory”. In this instance, collected data is applied to a 3-4 week online academic component upon return.

We are happy to help you find the best solution to suit your curricular requirements.


Programs range from approximately $1,700 – $3,500. This includes in program travel and lodging, predefined meals, attendance to lectures, games and events, seminar book, participation certificate and official dinner.