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This course is designed for students to fully grasp the transactional nature and model of human communication through experiential learning and travel. Students will study and fully understand the transactional model of communication (Lustig, 2012), and then use art, history, culture, and humanism as a means for discovery and application of new knowledge. Students will learn from lectures, site visits, and history the importance of and similarities between past human communication and current human communication. Simply put: students will use the transactional model of communication for critical thinking of art, culture, and history.
Travel Rationale:
Rome & Florence have some of the best arts in the world. Using these magical artifacts for analysis will help the student to better understand human communication, arts, humanities, and history. Using concepts and critical analysis studied in at the university for application in Rome will bring the course together and result in a better understanding of human communication and its purpose.

Quick Info

Where: Rome & Florence, Italy
When: Possible Year Round
Duration:  8 Nights
Credits: TBD

Extra info

Academics: Lectures, Guided tour of cities, museum & historical sight visits
Lodging: ***Hotel (Twin rooms,ensuite bathroom) including breakfast.
Meals: Official diner included
Transportation: Private coach from airpot, Pubic transport (train&metro).
Guides: Private tour leader and local guides included
Cost: Starting at €1600 per participant.
In collaboration with: the University of tampa