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This course is set up in partnership with the University of Tampa.
The department of speech organises the classes and education in Tampa. Lancon organises all the education and travel abroad.

This course examines the history of China including an overview of the political landscape, environment, economie, and population.
More specialized speech related topics such as the government’s role in speech, journalism, youth culture, and the role of the internet/social media in China will also be discussed.  Students will analyze and compare Western methods of communication with Eastern and be able to critically evaluate subtle cultural differences between the two. 

The communication and culture of different regions are explored.

Western china; Beijing Eastern China: Chengdu Tibet: Lasha and the former British colony Hong Kong.
Students will learn from lectures, site visits (news agencies,companies,factories and universities) and history about the differences in communication and culture in every region. The students will get to know about different ranks in society during meetings with academically schooled and factory workers.  Daily live is studied, including the different chinese cuisines.

Prior to travel to China, students will research and present on relevant issues in Chinese society.  Application will include professional presentations, activities, class discussion, and academic writing.  Students will develop advanced public speaking skills through a variety of in class presentations/activities.  Critical thinking will be highly utilized in this course.

Quick Info

Where: Beijing,Xian,Lasha (Tibet), Chengdu and Hong Kong.
When: Possible Year Round.
Duration:  14 Nights.
Credits: TBD.

Extra info

Academics: Site visits, lectures and practicum at  local- an global companies, factories, universities, local families, art galleries and news agencies. Education about local customs and history. Chinese cuisine tour.
Cultural: Historic site visits; Emperor palaces, temples and excavations, monasteries and hutongs, possibility to visit panda reserve.
Lodging: Upper class hostels and Hotel*** (twin rooms, en suite bathroom) including breakfast.
Meals: Breakfast , most Lunches and most Dinneres are included.
Transportation: Public (train and airplane) and private transport (coach.
Guides: Private tour leader included, local guides and interperter included.
Cost*: Starting at €3200 per participant.
In collaboration with: the University of tampa

*Excluding transatlantic flight.